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About us


TMB Law is a boutique firm serving Durham and its surrounding areas for over twenty years. Taragh Bracken, the firm’s managing partner, offers a wealth of knowledge and a common-sense approach to legal matters, with extensive experience in Family Law. By building the firm from the ground up Taragh has instituted a negotiation over litigation approach.


Solving your legal problems

At TMB Law, we understand that our success is a reflection on our ability to help resolve your legal issues. As such, we pride ourselves on providing superior service to our clients and ensuring that they are supported throughout the process

Our team at TMB Law has a result driven commitment to our clients that has earned us respect amongst our colleagues making negotiating a practical and effective approach. Our team’s creative, informed and reasonable perspective to legal matters has given us a reputation second to none, thus making resolution more prevalent. Let our team at TMB Law advocate for your rights