Joan Saunders - Senior Law Clerk- Law Firm in Ontario - TMB-LAW
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Joan Saunders


Joan Saunders

Senior Law Clerk

Joan Saunders is the Senior Law Clerk at TMB LAW, with over 40 years of family law experience, and has worked alongside Taragh Bracken for over 10 years.  Prior to joining TMB LAW, Joan clerked for two lawyers who are now Ontario Superior Court Judges. 


Joan has extensive experience in property division, income determination for self-employed individuals and equalization. She has assisted Taragh at all levels of litigation including trials.
Joan was a member of the Institute of Law Clerks for over 30 years and attended their Conferences annually to keep apprised of the changing laws.


She is ingenuously known as the ‘family law Guru’ between the staff in the office