Canadian Immigration Lawyers Ontario, Family Sponsorship Lawyer
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Immigration Law


Our team has the expertise and experience in completing applications in various areas of Canadian immigration law and regularly advises clients in the following areas:


Spousal Sponsorship program is part of the Family Class Immigration. Under this program a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident can sponsor their current partner (sponsor a spouse, same-sex spouse or common-law partner), or dependent child to immigrate to Canada. You and the person you are sponsoring must meet the eligibility requirements set out.

Applying to sponsor your partner can be a stressful and difficult process, however we are here to make it as simple as possible. Locating application forms online can be easy, but most of our clients have difficulty accurately completing these forms and gathering the correct supporting documents to submit a strong application.

TMB Law has handled countless of diverse cases. We have helped our clients easily navigate in gathering all the required documents and have guided them in submitting a strong application. We can assist you in submitting a complete comprehensive application that will increase your likelihood of acceptance.

Already completed the application and gathered your documents? We offer our expert services to review your materials to ensure that all the forms are completed, they are error-free and you have gathered the required documents.

TMB Law’s primary motivation is reuniting families and ensuring that everyone interested in immigrating to Canada has that opportunity. Contact us to help you navigate this process and we can provide you with numerous options suitable to your needs.


There are quite a few categories of permanent residency or landed immigrant status that you can apply to. Which program is right for you depends on your specific situation. TMB Law’s experienced professionals can help determine which program offers you the greatest opportunity of entry to Canada.


Canada offers citizenship through:


  • Work Permits and Labour impact Assessments
  • Work Permit extensions


  • Visitor visas and visitor record extensions
  • Electronic Travel Authorizations


For further information or assistance do not hesitate to contact our office at 905-666-5326 or by e-mail at  We look forward to helping you.